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Help the Library improve its services to YOU! Please take a moment to fill out this survey.

Once a month, we analyze, publish and circulate all our customer ratings and comments to all Library staff. We take these ratings and comments seriously and act on them in the best way we can to meet the needs of the greatest number of Library customers. If you want a reply or need assistance, be sure to include your e-mail or phone number.

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Scale: A (Excellent) B (Good) C (Average) D (Below Average) F (Failing) N (Not Sure)

1. Was the Library staff friendly and courteous in their interactions with you?
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2. Did the Library staff have the knowledge and expertise to help you?
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3. Were the Library's collections (books, journals, videos, etc.) useful to you?
A     B     C     D     F     N     Comment on this

4. Was it easy for you to find and use the materials (books, journals, videos, etc.) you needed?
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5. Were the Library's electronic resources easy to find and use?
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6. Did these electronic resources provide the information you were seeking?
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7. Was the equipment (copiers, printers, computers) functioning to your satisfaction?
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8. Did the environment in the Library facilitate your work?
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Your comments/suggestions will help the library. What can we do to improve? What new services would be useful?

If you would like a reply to your comments, please give us your name, e-mail address, status, dept/major and/or phone number (optional):
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