Latest News on OVGTSL 2003:
Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians
Business Meeting
May 15, 2003
Reporter: Angel Smith, Secretary, OVGTSL 2002/03, University of Louisville
Meeting called to order at 1:05 p.m. by Chair, Mary McLaren.
I. Introductions
Betsy Hine, Associate Dean of Library Services at Indiana State University, introduced the new Dean of Library Services, Myrna McCallister, who arrived at Indiana State University from the University of Baltimore on April 1, 2003. Ms. McCallister gave a welcome to the conference returnees and new attendees and asked for a round of applause for the conference planners.
Steve Hardin, Reference/Technical Services Librarian at Indiana State University Library, announced a correction to page 6 of the program. The general session would start at 2:15 p.m., not 2:30 p.m.
The Chair welcomed everyone and thanked everyone at ISU for help with the conference. She introduced the other OVGTSL officers and past chair:
Valentine Muyumba, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, Indiana State University
Cheryl Bealmer, Treasurer, Indiana State University
Angel Smith, Secretary, University of Louisville
Nancy Newport, Past Chair, Carmel-Clay Public Library
Valentine Muyumba gave introductory remarks. She recognized the Local Planning Committee, specifically Cheryl Bealmer and Christopher Mehrens whom she deemed her "right arm" and "left arm." Ms. Muyumba also thanked Paul Asay for helping with the conference website and Mary McLaren who, even though she was on sabbatical, answered questions about the conference planning process. She recognized the conference sponsors and thanked Betsy Hine and Michael Somers who made it possible for staff to put in extra hours and paid for postage, copying, and "field trips." Ms. Muyumba then acknowledged Brian Clark of the Student Scholarship Committee.
Mr. Clark explained that every year OVGTSL offers scholarships to library school students that cover the cost of the conference. This year scholarships were awarded to Carol Hardy (University of Louisville) and Leoma Dunn (Lexington Community College), both of whom are attending the University of Kentucky School of Library and Information Science.
II. Approval of minutes
Mary McLaren, Chair, announced that there was not an OVGTSL meeting in 2002 so minutes from 2001 would be considered.
The Chair pointed out a correction to the proposal regarding the college affiliation of students eligible to apply for OVGTSL student scholarships was made. At the 2001 Business Meeting, the proposal that was adopted stated, "This would include full- and part-time students, at the graduate or undergraduate level, enrolled in either on-campus or distance learning classes." The minutes in the electronic newsletter left out the words "undergraduate."
The corrected minutes were approved with no discussion.
III. Treasurer's Report
Cheryl Bealmer, Treasurer, stated that a copy of the report could be found in each attendee's conference folder. The balance of the treasury, after the 2003 conference, was $1548.70.
IV. Old Business
The Chair commented that at the 2001 conference a motion was passed to appoint a task force to submit a recommendation to OCLC that a MARC version of the Dublin Core be developed. This proved to be unnecessary because it has already been developed and is available through OCLC Connexion.
V. New Business
The Chair announced that the election of 2002/2003 officers was held by electronic ballot in September 2002. Suzanne Smailes of Wittenburg University circulated the ballot.
The Chair presented the slate of officers for 2003/2004, asking each to stand as their name was read. The slate was approved with no additional discussion. 2003/2004 officers will be
Valentine Muyumba, Chair, Indiana State University
Angel Smith, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, University of Louisville
Kevin Furniss, Secretary, Denison University
Julia Graepel, Treasurer, University of Louisville
Mary McLaren, Past Chair
The Chair announced that an OVGTSL listserv was set up in 2002 by a library support staff member at the University of Kentucky and is currently maintained at Western Kentucky University. OVGTSL members can sign up through the OVGTSL website: The Chair noted that Bob Hays, Head of Technical Services at Louisville Free Public Library, sent a note to Deana Groves with an idea for a future program topic at an annual meeting. His idea is to offer a program similar to the 2-day retreat in 2002 sponsored by the Ohio Library Council for technical services librarians in public libraries. Eve Davis (Ebsco) commented that it was held at a state park in Ohio and was a combination of workshops and discussions on cataloging. The emphasis was on making technical services valuable as a public service. The Chair stated that she would pass Mr. Hays' suggestion on to either Angel Smith or Kevin Furniss.
The Chair announced that the CONSORT College Libraries in Ohio would host the 2005 OVGTSL conference. The CONSORT Libraries are Kenyon College, Ohio Wesleyan University, the College of Wooster, and Denison University.
VI. 2004 OVGTSL Conference
Angel Smith announced that the 2004 OVGTSL Conference would be held May 12-14, 2003 at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY. The host will be the University of Louisville. The theme of next year's conference will be "Technical Services = User Services: Making the Connection." The call for presentations will be later this year. Ms. Smith announced that there were bookmarks at each table with all of next year's conference information along with the URL to the conference website. The Chair encouraged everyone to attend.
VII. Other
Door prizes were awarded to attendees.
Mary McLaren thanked Valentine Muyumba and her staff and announced that the next session would begin at 2:15 p.m.
The meeting adjourned at 1:37 p.m.

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