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Proofreading: Part Two

In most cases, Citation 9 formats in-text references and bibliographies correctly. In a few cases, you will need to double-check.

Compare the differences between these uncorrected and corrected papers:

above: Multiple in-text references as generated by Citation 9.

above: In-text references corrected to conform to MLA Style--all placed within one set of parentheses and separated by semicolons.


above: An article title with quotation marks within the title, as formatted by Citation 9.

above: An article title with quotation marks within the title, correctly formatted:
"... Evidence of the 'Gateway Drug Effect.'"

See the APA Style Citation Guide Tutorial or MLA Style Citation Guide Tutorial for more information and examples of proper formatting.

The next page will give you a printable checklist of the main points of this tutorial.

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