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Printable Checklist

Plagiarism includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Copying and pasting text from on-line media, such as encyclopedias or journal articles without attribution.
  2. Copying and pasting text from any web site without attribution.
  3. Transcribing text from any printed material, such as books, encyclopedias, newspapers, journal articles, and magazines, without attribution.
  4. Simply modifying text from any of the above sources without proper citations. This includes lifting portions of another source and using them as your own work.
  5. Replacing a few selected words using a thesaurus or just using words from your own head to get synonyms.
  6. Using photographs, videos, or audio without permission or acknowledgement.
  7. Using another student's work and claiming it as your own, even with the other student's permission. The latter is an act of collusion in which both students are plagiarizing.
  8. Acquiring work from commercial sources, including buying papers off the web or paying someone to do the work.
  9. Translation from one language to another without citations.
  10. Submitting an essay or paper that was written for another class or another purpose without the consent of the current instructor.
  11. Using your previous work in any way as a basis for new assignments without citing the original work in the bibliography.

The penalty for plagiarism depends on the severity of the offense. For a detailed explanation of the possible disciplinary actions, read Section 4.04, page 15, of the standards.

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