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Searching in Proquest

1. Proquest: Proquest provides a way to search a number of different article databases at the same time. Because of its large, interdisciplinary scope, you can use Proquest to find journal, magazine, and newspaper articles on a wide variety of subjects.

2. Title Search: In Proquest you can either search by article title or publication title. It is better to conduct this type of a search from the Advanced Search screen. Proquest also includes a Publication Search tab, so you can browse by title through the magazines and journals included in the database.

3. Author Search: Like the title search, you should conduct an author search from the Advanced Search screen. The results will display by date in descending order, but you can change the way they display by using the quick-sort drop-down menu on the right side of screen.

4. Keyword Search: Proquest's Basic and Advanced Search screens automatically default to a keyword search. The search results automatically sort in descending order by publication date.

5. AND, OR, NOT: Narrow or expand the results of your keyword searching by using the boolean operators AND, OR and NOT.

6. Phrase Search: Conduct a phrase search when two or more words must be searched in a specific order (ex: Grand Canyon). Proquest will automatically interpret two or more search terms as a phrase. This is true when you are searching from both the Basic Search and Advanced Search screens.

7. Subject Search: Subject searching helps standardize the words we use to describe a concept. In Proquest, this is done by browsing the subject list.

8. Limiting: You can limit searches by date, format, type etc. by scrolling to the bottom of screen. You can also use the quick limit tabs above teh search results to limit by document type.

9. Truncation: Truncation allows you to expand a word past its root when you are searching. The truncation symbol for Proquest is: *. (ex: america* will search for america, americans, americana, etc.)

10. Saving Searches: Proquest allows you to save records and view your search history. To save records, mark those that you need and download for printing or save to a disk. You can also access your research summary from the Marked List.

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