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Format/Structure: Conclusion

Conclusion: Pulls all the information in the article together. Discusses reasons for the data results. Addresses items which may have been overlooked or appeared during the research. The author may also suggest areas for future research dependent upon his/her research findings. This section may also be titled Discussion.

Sample conclusion:
The present results show that it is indeed possible to detect the same prehistoric events in the linguistic and gene-frequency diversity of modern humanity, but only in certain places where specific conditions have obtained. The approach can be extended to molecular data sets, where correspondences with linguistic groupings have been less readily observed (Ward et al. 1993; Watson et al. 1996). The positive results that have been put forward using molecular data have tended to use controversial linguistic clusters and coarser grained linguistic classification than the present study (Torroni et al. 1992; Poloni et al. 1997).

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